White Stag Janitorial Brand

White Stag Janitorial is a premium commercial cleaning brand. Commercial cleaning companies often have lack-lustre names, so this company was named to stand out above the rest.

While the name lends itself first to animalistic imagery, we wanted to heighten it with a more regal approach, and that’s how the crown icon was created. White Stags hold that same royal position in folklore and literature.

This brand keeps its premium look using a minimalistic design and a colour palette that ties back to classic concepts relating to business (blue and grey) and cleaning (white & yellow). You can see it translated in the soft touch business cards, social media posts, embroidered blue polo uniforms, and its website.

ClientWhite Stag Janitorial Ltd.ServicesNaming, Brand Strategy, Identity, Graphic Design, Website, Social Media ManagementYear2020-2022

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