Rural Roots Brand

I have worked with Rural Roots, a brewery in Elmira, Ontario, since 2019. I created a brand and branding materials that portrayed Rural Roots as a comfortable and inviting space with people passionate about community, family, and rural roots. The public response has been overwhelmingly positive.

“Daily, we get customers commenting on how perfect it is! The consistency you have created across every platform is awesome!”

Roger and Sue (owners) came to me with a brand strategy in place, and we spent time discussing what it meant to them and their audience. I provided three variations of how Rural Roots Brewing Company could look with a clear objective. My collaborative process was a success.

While Rural Roots was still under construction, I was a regular consultant on the interior and exterior decisions. Outside, I aided by providing photoshopped mock-ups, signage templates and how-to’s for the hand-painted barnboard sign, and guidance on material choice for the doorway signage. I created a three-part roadside signage campaign to gather community interest. Inside, I collaborated with them to keep the interior accurate to their brand. I even designed the tap handles. We continued to capture the Rural Roots identity with each small project.

I have been the web creator and manager of Rural Roots social media since mid-August 2019. It has been my job to optimize the back end of their Facebook page, create a layout for Instagram that is visually appealing, and build awareness for the brand via tags, shares, and post reach. I’m also a contact point to customers, build customer loyalty, and promote products/services and community events. I’ve shared here some social media content I’ve created.

Most recently, I had the opportunity to design beer can labels. Each one features an ink drawing to tell the story of the beer inspired by history and roots.

See all my work at and on their socials.

UPDATE: In July 2023 these clients felt so confident in the consistency of their brand that they took over their own social media accounts. I’m so proud of them being able to continue the plan set-up and run with it. I continue to work with them on special event graphics and label designs and illustrations. <3

ClientRural Roots Brewing CompanyServicesIdentity, Brand Activation Consulting, Stationary, Signage, Website, Social Media Management, Etc.Year2019 -

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