I create identity systems and brands that express a company’s personality and values. It will resonate with customers and nurture lasting relationships. Brand management ensures
consistency, distinction, and influences customer behavior.

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Logo design is just one of the visible elements of a brand, that identify and distinguish the brand in consumers’ minds. It’s a visual mark that gives an impression about your company.

You can choose between a strong logo mark to an entire system. Systems can include additions like multiple variations of your logo, custom patterns, assigned photography, colour variations, and more.

You can provide your own brief and business plan or book a brand strategy with me to inform the design process.


Included with your logo is a brand style guide. It’s a document that codifies how an organization presents itself to the world. Put another way, it’s a reference tool that helps maintain consistency by demonstrating how a brand looks.

A brand style guide is important for any company in helping keep their visuals and messaging consistent across all platforms of communication with their audience. This explains the high value placed upon investing the time and effort into having a document that makes it easy for everyone to work with your brand and its assets.

One page style guides work for most small businesses but multiple page documents can be created for more intricate systems.

Amanda was so easy to work with. She was really able to bring focus to my brand and create a fun yet professional logo that I love. Amanda was patient with my crazy ideas and so kind in entertaining all my visions. Her dedication was able to guide me in a clear direction for my business. I would recommend her to anyone!

— Pamela Sheriff, The Administration Sheriff


After brand strategy is set, or provided in brief, my usual process includes image buckets, stylescapes, ideation and construction.

I create 2-3 initial concepts + 2 rounds of revisions + colour application. Each concept is designed to show a different perspective that meets the needs of the strategy.

Here is the brand statement and what the three concepts looked like for Little Fish Bookkeeping.

Brand Statement: Little Fish Bookkeeping Services is bookkeeping for all types of business. Each client, no matter how small, receives service complete with detail, authenticity, and dedication. The best-matched clients are those who are motivated to take their business upstream. Little Fish aligns with industry professionals. Positive communication and knowledge-sharing result in clients feeling relieved and empowered.

Ultimately the client chose the last identity.

Once final changes were made, the client was provided a number of logo files for both print and web usage. They also received assets created and their style guide.

Services are billed on a flat project-fee basis and the professional fees are based on the market, objectives, scope of work, activities, deliverables, and timeline.

If budget is the priority, then we can start with the amount you have in mind and work in the deliverables that make sense for that number or refer you to a design student.

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Take advantage of the combined expertise of a stylist, designer and photographer in one package! This branding package will get your business launched and levelled up…and is sure to help you attract your preferred client and ideal income.