Is It Time To Update Your Logo?

I’ve been working on a few logo updates lately. How do you know when it’s time to update your logo? It needs to be a calculated decision. You need to review and consider the following points.

Did you forget to initially invest in a good design?
Some business owners are strapped for cash when getting started or don’t realize the importance of investing in a quality designer to create the identity of their business or brand. A poor design can take away from your service or products and in the worst case, cost you that new client.

Is your logo visually outdated?
This point is related to the first. Your designer may not have been qualified or may have been following a limited design trend that has left your logo visually outdated. Sometimes and older style can be classic and continue to be effective but only if that is in your brand strategy. Otherwise it might be time for an update.

Has your logo been technically problematic?
Some companies choose to update their logo to cut costs. Logos with many colours can increase printing costs depending on your printing needs and methods. Your logo may not fit well on newer materials or products that you’ve developed. Changes needed due to technical problems may be small or large.

Do you need alternative identification because of market changes?
You business and customers may change over time and your identity may no longer accurately represent those changes. You may not need a new name but visuals.

Can you simplify your logo to better represent you?
You may be at a stage with your business that you no longer need visual elements you thought were necessary at a previous time. Does your logo look cluttered?

If you answered yes to any of these points, it may be time to update your logo. If you aren’t sure if your company or brand are ready for an update, consult with a professional graphic designer. They will be able to learn about your business and give you advice to weather it is appropriate to change your visual identity.

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  • Tristan

    June 20, 2016 at 6:37 pm

    Definitely something to think about. Logos are the first representation of your company to the general public.

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