Sketchbook: Best of Week 25.09.16

Last week I didn’t post a best of because I got pretty busy with client work. This week I dug back into the sketchbooks! It’s really easy to get pulled away with paid work and other life duties but it is important to spend the time if you’d like to improve and I’m ready to put in the hours to work to the next level.

This week’s best of would have to be this nest.

I didn’t choose this sketch because of realism or accuracy but because while I drew this I finally noticed how comfortable I feel sketching in photoshop. The movements are starting to feel fluid and no different than when I put pencil to paper. Another thing I’ve started to notice is when I’m drawing on paper, I don’t think about erasers but how to undo

I’d still like to find some brushes that I’m in love with so if you have any suggestions, let me know!

If you want to see what else I’m up to throughout the week, follow me on my social media: Facebook and Instagram (@amandawall_cs). For those of your who do, did you agree with best of the week or was another your favourite?

Be seeing you.

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