Play Table Top

The problem:
We have  a coffee table with a lot of glass – Our toddler likes to smash it.


The Solution:
A sturdy wooden play top that sits on the table for easy adult time removal.


The Details:

Wood, Acrylic Paint, Sharpie, Sealer

Lesson’s Learned:
Personal projects require your detailed attention just like your client work.

Originally, I was pretty down about how this personal project didn’t turn out perfect. In my mind, it was my very own “Pinterest Fail” (even though I didn’t use a pinterest found tutorial).  The fact is that I didn’t prepare the surface properly making the texture different then I planned. The paint warped the wood. Now it doesn’t sit on the coffee table perfectly  like it did before I started.

PlayTop2_AmandaWall PlayTop3_AmandaWall

In the end, it doesn’t matter. I worked with what was happening to create a style out of the mishap. Best of all it serves its purpose. My son will have safe fun playing on it.

Credit to my husband, Tristan Wall, for doing all the wood work needed!

GlassTable2_AmandaWall Playtop4_AmandaWall

Be seeing you.

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