Rural Roots

I had the pleasure of working with Rural Roots, a brewery in Elmira, Ontario. I created a brand and branding materials that portrayed Rural Roots as a comfortable and inviting space with people passionate about community, family, and rural roots. The public response has been overwhelmingly positive.

Roger and Sue (owners) came to me with a brand strategy in place, and we spent time discussing what it meant to them and their audience. With a clear objective in hand, I was able to provide three variations of how Rural Roots Brewing Company could look. My collaborate process was a success.

While Rural Roots was still under construction, I was a regular consultant on the interior and exterior decisions. Outside, I aided by providing photoshopped mock-ups, signage templates and how to’s for the hand-painted barnboard sign, and guidance on material choice for the doorway signage. I created a three-part roadside signage campaign to gather community interest. Inside, I collaborated with them to keep the interior true to their brand. I even designed the tap handles. We continued to capture the Rural Roots identity with each small project.

I have been the web creator and manager of Rural Roots social media since mid-August 2019. It has been my job to optimize the back end of their facebook page, create a layout for Instagram that is visually appealing, build awareness for the brand via tags, shares, and post reach. I’m also a contact point to customers, build customer loyalty, and promote products/services and community events.

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