Fox Corner

Fox Corner is an elegant restaurant for individuals looking for a unique and quality dining experience. It’s marked by a rustic modern mix that is both welcoming and romantic.

Fox Corner needed a menu design that was classy but affordable to reprint with seasonal dish changes. The menu was printed on 11″ x 17″ sheets of brown kraft card stock. With a single fold I created a menu that has a clear identity mark on the front, an ideal two panel menu, and a drink list featured on the back panel.

With the use of menu engineering, the menu’s design is more than just a visual. I was able to make design decisions that increase profitability per guest. Prior to designing a menu, the process of costing and categorizing the menu items according to profit and popularity is required.

Menu Features:

– Tasty on brand illustrations used as eye magnets for high profit dishes

– Listing prices at the end of the description to lead customers in making an emotional choice rather than a monetary based choice

– Main dishes placed in the area of most eye movement for a two panel menu

We started the ad campaign by creating a little romance with simple mysterious messaging in local publications. This reinforces the initial brand definition that was discovered during a remote strategy session.

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