Coop’s Scoops


Objective: Strategize and brand Cooper Benson’s Ice Cream Truck so that it attracts ice cream enthusiasts of all ages, stand out among other food trucks, and increase sales.

Final Outcome: Coop’s Scoops is an ice cream truck that stands above the rest in visitor interaction and quality.


A strategic planning framework was used to facilitate customer centric design, define and prioritize customer needs, define the brand, and produce tangible results.

A focused strategy session with the client outlines the characteristics of the company brand. This outline helps both of us moving forward with tactics.


Logo Mark: This logo is charming, charismatic, and memorable. The graphic treatment makes it easy to identify the product and service this symbol represents.

Logo Process: My logo design process consists of mind mapping, countless ideation sketches, digital refinement, client feedback, alterations when required, colourization, and file creation for multiple platforms.

Brand Style Guide: A style guide is a document I provide that relays information about the logo and branding. It allows us to influence customers with a consistent look and message.


We’ve used what we’ve agreed on for the company in the strategy phase to create truck decals, ice cream sleeves, apparel, and street signage. Each application is a key deliverable that leverages the initial brand strategy created. Each application better connects this company to its customers.

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