Happy Birthday

You may see me as a designer or illustrator but I’ve also been a mother for the past year. Today my son is one year old. It’s been a year of constant growth not only for my son, but for me as well. With growth in mind, I decided to make my son a wall chart.


This is the process behind the project should you wish to give this precious gift.

1. Come up with a plan! I wanted a removable piece (should we move). I wanted it to be simple so it was a pleasure to look at whether my son was 5 or 15. I decided (with the suggestion from my husband) to have the measurements in Metric – we are in Canada after all. I not only wanted to chart his growth, but put family members on for his comparison.

Come up with a list of  your own. Think about the theme or style you’d like. Always keep in mind the function of the piece. You can always find inspiration online.

2. Purchase, or gather, the needed materials. I’m all about being frugal, sustainable, and thrifty but occasionally you need to hit the store. I bought a six foot (167.64 cm!) piece of craft grade pine. You can find it at any lumber retailer. I already had the paint.

You might decide to use vinyl or stickers for your numbers and lines. You might entirely use fabric. You might use recycled material. The possibilities are endless so go wild!

3. Execution. I printed and transferred my numbers onto my board using transfer paper. TIP: You can also shade the back of the paper and trace along your print out. The graphite will transfer. I decided to label in centimetres in sets of 25 on the front and by 5 on the side. This allowed me to keep the space needed for marking heights and still have an easy reference as to what height is being marked. I chose to do a blue ombre. Starting at the top I continued to tint my paint with white as I painted each number.

4. Hanging. I’m sure you can apply all kinds of methods to hang a growth chart but since it is a permanent piece for us we just screwed it right into the wall. Make sure if you are going to use this method to hit a stud or you will need drywall anchors. Too, be sure to use a partner so that you can measure from the floor accurately before securing.

In the event that you just can’t find time or don’t have the skills, I offer you the following options: commission me for a custom piece or search out a seller on Etsy.






This is the birthday boy on another handmade gift he received.


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