Full Sketchbook (2009-2015)

I’ve been working on some larger design projects this year which has left me to fill my social media with illustration. I’ve always been so unsure about if what I am posting is good enough, if my style is good enough, if my style has definition, and every other bit of art insecurity. Trouble is, I’d really like to focus further on my illustration career. With a lot of career inspiration lately from Jake Parker, I figured it’s time to let that go.

Sketchbook Fright!

I’ve always had a fear of showing the messy thought processes within my sketchbook. I’ve shed that and decided to make my first Youtube video featuring an sketchbook with scattered use between 2009 – 2015. If you were once like me, know that many sketchbooks are not picture perfect. It’s a place for practice; for ideas; for stray doodling while you think. I’ve heard advice that not everything you draw needs to be shown to your audience. Reason being that you want clients and employers to think you only do awesome and consistent work. This is very true and should be aimed for… in your portfolio. A sketchbook is a chance to show that you are interested in continuous learning. That you love what you are doing. That you are open to new ideas. That you deserve to be financially compensated for the hard work you’ve put into your craft.

I’ve started a few new ones and have been pretty consistent in working in them. I’ll be posting many on my social media platforms and featuring a “best of the week” here.

Be seeing you.

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