CultureFWD – February 11, 2015

It’s been a busy 2015! I’ve been posting little updates on my social media but have been meaning to share my speech from February’s CultureFWD put on by the Town of Stony Plain. It will help you to get to know a little more about what I do and where I work.

” Hello Everyone. My name is Amanda Wall. I am a freelance Graphic Designer that specializes in print design and illustration. A graphic designer communicates ideas visually through the use of type, space, and imagery. Think of me as a creative contractor.

I am a graduate of Grant MacEwan University having earned a Design Foundations Certificate and a Design Diploma with a Major in Illustration. I have been freelancing from my home studio and taking on site contract positions since 2009.

Who I am is as much about the clients I’m passionate about serving. I love working with clients on projects relating to education, social services, health and wellness, sustainability, and all of life’s greatest events.

So… What I do is take innovative ideas from concept to completion. The term innovation can be defined as something original and more effective. It can be viewed as the application of better solutions that meet new requirements; inarticulated or existing needs. I sell solutions that are going to make an impact for my client; to achieve a personal or business objective. I create designs and illustrations that entice people to look, explore, and engage.

Stony Plain is the nearest significant town to the Hamlet of Keephills where I reside and work. I am able to serve my clients remotely but living nearby has been beneficial.

It is a community that values art and culture – a great match as design and illustration create and reflect culture. It is home to other creatives to collaborate with and learn from. You can make connections at one of it’s many events… events like CultureFWD or the Stony Plain Art Walk. I can find the resources I need, here in town, such as a variety of printers and framers. Most importantly to the success of my business is the opportunities this town gives me for clients. Thanks to it’s continued growth, I can look forward to building relationships with both new and established businesses.”

Believe me when I say that reading it is more pleasant than having heard me speak. Occasionally public speaking gets the best of me and that night was one of them. I look forward to giving it another go as I learned a thing or two from this experience.

CultureFWD is an awesome local networking event that I encourage others to attend in the future.


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