Contest Result: Pregnancy Belly Cast

FinishedCast_AmandaWallI really enjoy projects that help celebrate life’s greatest events. I recently decided to put my skills towards illustrated pregnancy belly casts through a back to work facebook contest leading up to my maternity leave finale.

My winner, Raegan Graham, constructed the cast with a friend while I explored concepts based on the conversation we had about her life, family, and pregnancy experience. I re-enforced the cast. I trimmed the cast. I finished the edging. There is a lot of work to be done before any illustrating even takes place. I sanded it. I covered it with joint compound. I sanded it some more. Sand. Sand. SAND! This cast was quite textured when I received it but I thought I could smooth it out. Eventually I stopped fighting it so hard and started working with the texture as I primed it. I went for a clay styled finish.

Finally, the illustration! Raegan gave me a sample of a cast she liked by Crystal Driedger  (Whom I had the privilege of learning from while attending Grant MacEwan). I used this image as inspiration to create for Raegan a portrait full of meaningful symbolism. I chose from a vivid Hispanic colour palette.

Raegan has this to say about the finished piece:

… We love it! I posted it on Facebook and everyone in my family was amazed. It is so so beautiful!! … It is so amazing!!!

I hope this is the first of many pregnancy casts that I get to work on. If you are interested in capturing the form that holds your babe and turning it into a memorable art piece, contact me. Send me your due date and any project visions for an accurate quote.

Enjoy these work in progress shots.






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