A brief sets the parameters for a project. It should focus on the results and outcome.

It sets a guideline that both you and I can refer to once the project has started.


Basic Parameters:

– Who is the target audience?
– What is the overall tone you want to project? What is the key message you want delivered?
– Do you have examples to clarify your likes or dislikes? Secret boards on pinterst are an easy way to share these examples.

Technical Parameters:

– What are you getting designed or illustrated? Include details like number of pages, format, medium preference, etc.
What information needs to be included in the project (text, logos, photographs) and are they ready to go?
– Is this item to fit within an existing style (provide examples) or do you need a new style created? What other applications will or does the style apply to?
– Are there branding requirements I need to consider? Ex: colour schemes, typefaces, paper stock, etc.
– What are the deadlines on this project?
– How will your target audience receive the design/illustration? Ex: mail, brochure stand, web, etc.
– What are the print requirements? Do you need me to co-ordinate pre-press and printing?
– Who will I be dealing with on a day to day basis? How many people will be involved in the final approval of the project?
– What is the project budget?

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