• Things To Draw

    If you aren’t already following me on Instagram, now might be the time. I’ve already started to post quick sketches from my newly purchased 712 More Things To Draw. Described as a guided sketchbook, I’m using it to experiment with styles and subjects I might not otherwise consider. This is a quick example: A Marching […]

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  • Garden Photography

    This year’s vegetable garden was interrupted by the arrival of our son, but my husband and I have still been able to do a little bit of decorative gardening this year. I thought I’d share some photographs.   Be seeing you.

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  • Back Online

    I’m back, baby! Baby… As you can see, I’m on maternity leave but it’s still great to be back online, if only casually, after a long hiatus. Since our last encounter I’ve finished up in the Brick’s Advertising Department, had my son, and updated the ways in which to keep you informed about my work. […]

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