Back Online

I’m back, baby!


As you can see, I’m on maternity leave but it’s still great to be back online, if only casually, after a long hiatus. Since our last encounter I’ve finished up in the Brick’s Advertising Department, had my son, and updated the ways in which to keep you informed about my work. Can’t get enough of those little white thumbs? Go ahead and like me on Facebook. The sweet song of tweets might entice you to follow me on Twitter. Keep it professional and connect with me on LinkedIn. Maybe laid back is more your style; catch me on instagram or pinterestYou can always just keep visiting, here, at the source.

I’ll be working at getting revved back up to receive clients come 2014. I’m looking to expand my illustration portfolio so I’ll be posting sketches, work’s in progress, digital sketches (like the one heading this post), and personal projects on the platforms mentioned previously.

Be seeing you.

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