About Me

Greetings! I am Amanda Wall and it’s nice to have you here.

I am a formally educated creator with a persistence for learning. I am a graduate of Grant MacEwan University in Edmonton, AB, Canada. I’ve earned both a Design Foundations Certificate and a Design Diploma with a major in Illustration. I continue learning online to consistently increase my skills and best serve my clients.

Previous to freelancing I’ve worked as a contractor, an in-house designer, and in an agency setting. I know all these experiences provide me with the ability to work well with individuals on personal projects to teams with large organizations. When I’m not providing a service directly, I’m creating my own projects for sale in my online and pop up shops.

I am based in a quiet rural community РKeephills, Alberta  (just outside of Edmonton) Рbut currently have clients all over Canada.

Five Fun Facts:

– I’m completely interested in anything relating to science.
– I lucid dream regularly.
– If it’s new to me I likely want to try it.
– I can chat with anyone and often do. I’m friendly like that.
– I love to be active but I’m hardly an athlete.